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TI Connect 4.0

Connects a graphing calculator to a PC to transfer data
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Transfers the data between a graphing calculator and a PC. Besides the basic functions, it installs the latest updates on the calculator and flashes the latest firmware as well. Supports two connection methods: TI Connectivity Cable USB (silver) or direct USB cable.

TI Connect is software developed by Texas Instruments, which allows to exchange data between your TI graphic calculator and computer via USB cable. This program lets you manage data on your TI device. There is the possibility to backup, create, and access your device content. Moreover, you don’t have to use additional TI-Graph Link program for every model of calculator, TI Connect has similar functionality.

TI Connect contains many tools, such as TI DeviceExplorer, TI ScreenCapture, Backup, Restore, TI DataEditor, TI DeviceInfo, Explore My TI Data. Also there are Content Tools, where you can find CellSheet Converter, StudyCards Creator, NoteFolio Creator, TimeSpan Creator, LearningCheck Creator, TI Package Explorer, TI InterActive icons. By clicking these icons you can link to these TI tools installed on your computer, or download them. Using TI ScreenCapture tool, you can make graphs for worksheets and quizzes. TI DataEditor is used to send ready data to your calculator. You should just paste them into DataEditor and then send it to the device. In addition, you can download programs from the Internet and then directly to your calculator using TI Connect. It is recommended to try the website: www.ticalc.org or just use a search engine for TI programs. You can also send the applications you have on the computer, using 'drag and drop' function.

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  • Easy data exchange
  • Many tools
  • Contains TI-Graph Link similar functionality
  • Drag and drop function
  • Screen capture
  • Free


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